Alcohol Killer

Alcohol Killer is a refreshing drink made from carefully selected natural ingredients of the highest quality. It is safe for pregnant women and children, without side effects. It does not contain foreign substances that can adversely affect a healthy lifestyle. A reliable partner in breaking down residual alcohol and enhancing the detoxification process.


Ciao Spritz


Night Orient


Alcohol Killer Shot

Alcohol Killer is also prepared as a concentrate in a travel package – Alcohol Killer Shot. It fits in any handbag, wallet, briefcase or pocket of jacket and coat. Its use is very simple, whether squeeze directly into the water, mixed with a favorite drink or even beer (so-called fruit beer, “Radler”).


Body Fat Killer

Breakthrough natural functional drink for everyday use. The combination of carefully selected natural ingredients will support your pursuit of your desired body, overall health, quench your thirst and hydrate your body.



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